Distributed and Hybrid Intrusion Detection and Response System

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"Claws enoff, massa, and mouff too. I nabber did see sich a d--d bug --he kick and he bite ebery ting what cum near him."
Edgar Allan Poe, Golden Bug

- Trithème Documentation

Trithème, Distributed and Hybrid Intrusion Detection and Response System - Trithème Dev Team

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- Intrusion Detection and Computer Security Related Documentation

Network Intrusion Detection : An Analyst's Handbook 2E - Stephen Northcutt
Intrusion Signatures and Analysis - Stephen Northcutt
Intrusion Detection - Rebecca Gurley Bace
Intrusion Detection : An Introduction to Internet Surveillance, Correlation, Trace Back, Traps, and Response - Edward G. Amoroso
Pattern Matching Algorithms - Apostolico & Galil
Algorithms on Strings, Trees and Sequences - Dan Gusfield
Maîtrise des Algorithmes en C - Kyle Loudon
Algorithmie du Texte - Crochemore/Lecroq
Networking Linux : A Practical Guide to TCP/IP - Pat Eyler

A Pattern Matching Model for Misuse Intrusion Detection - COAST
An Application of Pattern Matching in Intrusion Detection - COAST
Pattern Matching et Détection d'Intrusion
- Matthieu Huin
An Architecture for Intrusion Detecion using Autonomous Agents - COAST
Identification of Host Audit Data to Detect Attacks on Low-Level IP Vulnerabilities - COAST
A Real-Time Intrusion Detection Expert System (IDES) - SRI
Next Generation Intrusion Detection Expert System, A Summary - SRI
Sequence Matching and Learning in Anomaly Detection for Computer Security - Purdue University
Automated Detection of Vulnerabilities in Priviliged Programs by Monitoring - University of California
Detecting Intrusions : Methods of detecting intrusion attempts and security breaches - Allaire Security
Data Mining Methods for Detection of New Malicious Executables - Columbia University
Infrastructure for Intrusion Detection and Response - NAI
Defeating Sniffers and Intrusion Detection Systems - Horizon
Real-Time Data Mining-based Intrusion Detection - Columbia University
Intrusion Detection Message Exchange Requirements - IETF Intrusion Detection Working Group
Know Your Ennemy : Honeynets - Lance Spitzner
Honeypots and Intrusion Detection - David Klug
Honeynets - Chris Brenton
Advanced Host Detection : Techniques To Validate Host-Connectivity - dethy
Intrusion Detection Inter-compoment Adaptive Negociation - University of California
Intrusion Detection : Knowing when someone is knocking on your door - Lance Sptizner
Intrusion Detection System Product Survey - Kathleen Jackson
Insertion, Evasion and Denial of Service : Eluding Network Intrusion Detection - Thomas Ptacek
ID Pratical Assignment - Lenny Zeltser
Synthèse d'Articles de Recherche sur la détection d'intrusions -
Distributed Intrusion Detection for Computer Systems Using Communicating Agents
- Dennis Ingram / Neil Rowe
Autonomous Agents for Distributed Intrusion Detection in a Multi-Host Environment
- Dennis Ingram
A Distributed Autonomous-Agent Network-Intrusion Detection and Response System - Joseph Barrus
FAQ : Network Intrusion Detection Systems - Robert Graham
Interface Promiscuity Obscurity - Apk
Sniffer Detection Tools and Countermeasures - James Downey
Evading Passive Sniffer Detection with IDS Sensor - Bryan Brant
Intrusion Detection FAQ - SANS Institute
Mining in a Data Flow Environment : Experience in Network Intrusion Detection - Columbia University
Data Mining Approaches for Intrusion Detection - Columbia University
A look at whisker's anti-IDS tactics - Rain Forest Puppy
A Data Mining Framework for Adaptive Intrusion Detection - Columbia University
Managing Intrusions - Peter Stephenson
IDS Evasion vs Protocole Analysis - Robert Graham
Intrusion Detection and Response - Livermore National Laboratory
SnortNet - A Distributed Intrusion Detection System - Fyodor Yarochkin
Intelligent Profiling by Example - Sybil Shearin
Network Intrusion Detection : Evasion, Traffic Normalization, and End-to-End Protocol Semantics - Vern Paxson
Étude de la Fiabilité des Systèmes de Détection d'Intrusion Réseau - Eric Landuyt
Approximative String Matching with Don't Care Characters - Tatsuya Akutsu
Exact String Matching Algorithms - Thierry Lecroq
Sequence Comparison - Thierry Lecroq

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